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Choosing a Wedding DJ


A Sea of Sameness

Choosing a wedding DJ can be complicated.  It probably won’t take you long to realize a lot of DJ companies look-a-like. After all, we all have light-up front boards (The facade that hides all the DJ gear from view), intelligent lighting, photo booths and we pretty much play the same Pitbull songs.

This is a Studio 27 Set-up, but it could be anybody’s

Do Your Research

So, how do you decide which DJ company is the right choice for you? Well, you could find and print out a “10 questions you need to ask before hiring a DJ” questionnaire. You could also base your decision on recommendations from friends and family or research and read a company’s reviews on Weddingwire, but one person’s meal can be another person’s poison. One thing is for sure, one or all of the above is a good start to qualifying the “Go’s from the No’s”.

Another option is to choose a vendor from the recommended vendor list at your reception hall. This is an excellent way to narrow down your choices with companies who know your venue intimately. After all, the reception hall is exposed to many different vendors in the course of doing business and these folks are the chosen few they will vouch for.

Hit The Pavement

Our opinion? First, make a list of the DJ companies that interest you and your fiancé and go visit them in their office. Give their company culture a test run and see if they’re in-line with your standards. Be aware of how you feel when discussing your wedding with them. Are you relaxed? Do you feel on guard because they’re pushing upgrades? Is the person you’re meeting with genuinely interested in your wedding or are they more interested in getting you to sign on the dotted line? If it doesn’t feel right, it won’t be right!

The Lobby at Studio 27

Dive Down

Secondly, ask questions about the styles of the DJ’s being offered. Like photographers DJ’s have their own style and preferences when performing their craft. Make sure their style is suitable to your own. Do you like a DJ who mixes between songs quickly or are you and your family more likely to enjoy a DJ that reads a crowd and will mix into another song when the timing is right? Truth be told, most DJ’s can accommodate either style, but discussing this beforehand will define your preferences and give the DJ guidance on how to approach your reception.

Lastly, make sure you ask questions about the Master of Ceremonies (MC). This person has a lot of control in the over-all success of your party. Beforehand, discuss with your fiancé how much interaction you would like from the MC. Once you decide this, you will be better prepared to choose an MC that matches you and your family’s personality. Maybe “less is more” is a mantra you live by or, perhaps, more is more. 😉 The best MC’s are the ones that can balance the perfect blend of professionalism with fun. MC’s can appropriately hype up your guests, and at the same time, keep the party running smoothly.

While on the surface, most DJ companies may look the same, if you scratch (pun intended) below the surface you may just find the perfect DJ and MC to rock your reception. And- armed with a little bit of advice from yours truly, shopping for a DJ can actually be a fun experience rather than a stressful one.

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