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Your daughter is the A-lister in attendance, but our Sweet 16 DJs and MCs ensure this event will be an incredible night for you, too. Let us know the music you like, as well as the musical preferences of the soon-to-be-sixteen star of the party. We’ll match you with the right member of our seasoned DJ roster to create a sophisticated event that you and your daughter will love.

Of course, the DJ and MC are just the beginning of any dream sweet sixteen. It takes great lighting, for instance, to create beautiful photos that both grandparents and teenagers will appreciate. So to truly make this an incredible bash, pick and choose from our array of extras. Our intelligent lighting will pop the dance floor with vibrant colors, while dry ice and smoke machines add to the atmosphere.

Whether your daughter wants to see her name in lights, or the whole family enjoys photo booth fun, we offer the entertainment accompaniments to match your unique vision (and have all your daughter’s friends Snap Chatting about the incredible time they are having) Send us two lists to get started: your daughter’s favorite songs, and yours. Feel free to throw a do-not-play list in there, too — we know teens can be picky with their preferences! Whether this a lavish event for hundreds of friends or a quietly elegant affair geared toward family, it takes the right industry veteran DJ to bring any sweet sixteen celebration to life. Add in a well-chosen selection of visuals and special effects, and we will create an unforgettable evening of entertainment for you, your daughter, and all her friends.

Choose from our list of extras to personalize your party:

  • Intelligent lighting
  • Uplighting
  • Montages
  • Zap shot photography
  • Grand entrance video
  • Dancers
  • Light-up stages
  • Photo booths
  • Hazer/Smoke machines
  • Dry ice (cloud)
  • Name in lights (monogram)
  • Lasers
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