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MC (Master of Ceremonies)


MC: “And now, ladies & gentlemen”

If you have been to a wedding, you have seen this person before. The MC (Master of Ceremonies) introduces the bridal party and the bride and groom into the ballroom, but that’s not all they do. They also keep the proverbial “Party Train” on the tracks. MC’s navigate your event from start to finish avoiding anything that would derail the party and they do it while simultaneously interacting with party-goers on the dance floor.

The Good MC’s

So, what makes a good MC? It’s the perfect combination of personality, command of audience, experience and the ability to adapt to changing demands, be it from the venue or the bride and groom. Hey, it also helps if they can dance.

Unruly Bridal Party

A skilled MC will help organize the bridal party to guarantee a smooth, orderly introduction. Some bridal parties partake in some form of libation well before the party begins. Its a good idea to make sure members of the bridal party are in the correct order and know where to go when introduced. It’s also the last opportunity for the MC to check on the proper pronunciation of names. You know, Stephan vs. Stephen (Steh-FAHN, rather than STEE-Vehn).

Missed Moments

Making sure that Mom and Dad are always present for special moments like toasts, cake cutting and parent dances is up to your MC. It’s easy to get caught up in the bathroom talking to Uncle Harry about his last knee surgery. Fret not, Our MC will be along to collect them, perhaps even rescue them. 😉 We want to make sure immediate family members don’t miss out on these tender moments. wasting precious dance-floor time searching for people is not fun and don’t worry, we will keep an eye on the best man in case he goes missing just before the toast.

Time Line Management

Time flies when you’e having fun. A well organized MC will make sure to keep the bride & groom abreast of the timeline and when to mentally and physically prepare for certain formalities. It’s a good idea to give the bride a few minutes to freshen up before her father/daughter dance. After all, she just spent the last few hours wearing out the dance floor. And the groom? Don’t worry, we will help him find his tuxedo jacket and make sure his tie is straight for the mother/son dance. In most cases, Studio 27 will also be the photography company and we want to make sure you look good for the pictures. We’re a tight team!

Hey! Remember Uncle Harry and his knee surgeries? Well his wife, Aunt Becky, loves to dance and Uncle Harry is just not up to the task. Worry not, a hospitable MC will be ready to keep her company on the dance-floor and anybody else who needs a dance partner. It’s what we do and honestly, it’s the best part of our job. You and Uncle Harry will thank us for it too.

The Bad MC’s

Ok, enough about how good the Studio 27 MC’s are at their job. Lets give you some tips on what to avoid by jumping to an area I call the “MC’s That…” section. (FYI: As noted above, it is MC and it is short for Master of Ceremonies. It is NOT “Emcee”). I’m no MD (em dee), but come on now, when I see companies that spell out MC with “emcee”, it drives me nuts. Eh em’, sorry, it got away from there a little.

MC’s That…

  • Sing over every song, every lyric, every time
  • Tell jokes or try to get a laugh every time they speak on the microphone
  • Can’t pass up an opportunity to view themselves in every mirror they pass by
  • Pull people out of their seats to the dance floor
  • Try to embarrass your guests into dancing
  • Are improperly dressed for the occasion (hint: they don’t wear a tie)
  • Spend all their time pre-occupied (hint: the wedding is their private Tinder)
  • Try to convince you that their way is the only way
  • Stand behind the DJ booth all night
  • Spell out MC with Emcee (sorry, I had to)

are to be avoided at all cost. For varying reasons, not the least of which is lack of professionalism and experience.

Being an MC is an awesome responsibility and it takes many years of experience to hone the craft. A great MC knows when to step up and when to step back, when to speak up and shut up. We learn by the seat of our pants and from previous mistakes and victories alike. It’s the hard learned lessons and surprising outcomes that keep us on our toes and aiming to please every client we stand before. At Studio 27 Entertainment, we treasure these experiences and parlay them into experiences you will treasure for a lifetime.

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